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Cross Connection Control Survey Notice

Cross Connection Control Survey Notice

The purpose of this survey is to determine whether a cross connection may exist at your home or business. A cross connection is an unprotected or improper connection to a public water distribution system that may cause contamination or pollution to enter the system. We are responsible for enforcing cross connection control regulations and ensuring that no contaminants can, under any flow conditions, enter the distribution system. If you have any of the devices listed below, please contact us so that we can discuss the issue, and if needed, survey your connection, and assist you in isolating it if that is necessary.

  • Underground lawn sprinkler system
  • Pool of hot tub (whirlpool tubs not included)
  • Additional source(s) of water on the property
  • Decorative pond
  • Water trough


Saluda CPW

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Saluda, SC 29138